Jackie Ortiz for City Council


Ortiz Sponsors Landmark Legislation

"We have heard too many times, 'I wish I knew what was going on ... I wish I knew who to call'" about a problem property, Ortiz said, noting that the use of LLCs and PO boxes often shield landlords' identities from public view. "Although logistically (this is) a simple change, I believe it will be a powerful one."

~Jackie Ortiz quote in the Democrat and Chronicle

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Anthony Plonczynski
CITY Newspaper Endorses Jackie Ortiz for Rochester City Council

CITY is endorsing five candidates for City Council: newcomers Mitch Gruber, Matt Juda, and Mary Lupien, and veterans Jackie Ortiz and Loretta Scott.

These were not easy choices. Each of these five has unique experience, background, skills, and perspective that would be valuable on Council, but each choice meant knocking off another qualified, promising candidate.

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Anthony Plonczynski
15th annual ¡Soy Unica Soy Latina! rally celebrates and empowers local Latinas

The Susan B. Anthony Center at the University of Rochester hosted the 15th annual ¡Soy Unica Soy Latina! Rally on Saturday.

¡Soy Unica Soy Latina! is a day of celebration and empowerment for local Latinas, ages 7 to 18. 

The rally honors the 100th anniversary of Women's Right to Vote in New York state with a theme this year of "Civic Engagement: Latinas and Community Service, Giving Back, and Making a Difference."

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Latina rally inspires girls to greatness

The celebration of quinceañera at the end of Saturday’s ¡Soy Unica! ¡Soy Latina! Rally in some ways symbolized the message organizers had for about 150 girls at the event.

The rally, in its 15th year, was meant to inspire girls of Latina heritage, ages 7 to 18, to become women of character and community engagement, and to empower them to pursue college and careers.

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