Jackie Ortiz for City Council




Now, more than ever, we must act. Local government is our closest tie to democracy and our ability to impact change. I am asking for your continued support as I seek another term as an At-Large Member of Rochester City Council. It has been my honor to serve you. I have worked tirelessly to amplify the voices in our neighborhoods and make government transparent. I have demanded answers to tough questions and developed common-sense solutions. We are a team, I will always be in your corner, making sure your voice is heard; if it matters to you, it matters to me. I am proud of the progress we have made together and I will continue to make positive impacts in:


community collaboration and education

Supporting Youth – As chair of the Education Committee, a joint effort of the City Council and School Board, we expanded and welcomed County government to the table. Together we are on the cusp of a landmark agreement to increase communication and data sharing to help young people better receive services, evaluate program effectiveness and improve resource allocation.

Supporting Local Jobs - I advocated for the Rochester City School District’s Facilities Modernization Plan to be operated under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA). PLA’s can be an effective tool to ensure that hiring practices are fair and we build a diverse local workforce. I will continue to hold all parties accountable throughout this process.

neighborhood revitalization

Overhauling Nuisance Points - Neighborhoods need help with problem properties and a fair and equitable process, which is why I have advocated for a full review and am actively working on improving this system. As the Chair of the Neighborhood and Community Development Committee I am committed to fighting for community friendly policies that protect our quality of life and corrects problem properties.

Increasing Homeownership - Our City is ~65% rental; we need to have a better balance. I have made it clear that we expect online and in print a list of grants and loans available for first time homebuyers and homeowners that is understandable, easily accessible and kept up to date to ensure we are actively promoting homeownership.

Reducing Vacant Structures - I have supported a new pilot program that takes vacant homes from auction and helps first time homeowners acquire and rehabilitate these properties. I will continue to serve the community as a member of the Monroe County Vacant and Abandoned Property Task Force and work through the recommendations and strategies to reduce vacancies.

Increasing Transparency - I have requested new features be added to the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) that allow residents greater access to property information including code violations and Certificate of Occupancy status. I am drafting legislation to establish a mandatory maintenance contact for properties to ensure if an issue occurs we can talk live, to a real person to get it fixed.

business and workforce development

Supporting Small Business - I know first-hand small businesses create jobs. I have made business development a priority by engaging in development workshops, sharing best practices, and ensuring business owners have access to resources that maximize their potential for growth.

Advocating Youth Employment - I know preparing our youth for employment is critical in combating poverty. I will continue to make youth a priority by working to strengthen our summer and winter employment programs.

Providing Opportunities - I am working to ensure all businesses take part in a fair process when acquiring City contracts by developing new communication procedures and an educational seminar providing contractors the most up-to-date project information so they can fairly bid on City work.